We care about our planet. We care about our workers. We empower women.

White Oak Farm and Table is based in New Canaan, Connecticut. Our company has an uncompromising approach to food that incorporates global flavors influences into innovative-yet-relatable creations. From our famous salsas to our newest additions, we take great pride in providing unique creations that are geared for the gourmet palate.

The passion for phenomenal food and experiences inspired us to build a company founded on artisanal quality and a desire to make exceptional food accessible again. In a world of fast food, corn syrup and tasteless big brand products, White Oak Farm and Table stays true to a main goal: to form a food lover's haven.

For all of us around The Table, the idea of "Natural Ingredients, Exceptional Quality" is much more than a tagline, it's an entire way of life.

Nature's Bounty Reimagined®